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Zydron Mox posted Oct 18, 12
To view the chat box you must be logged into the site.  Otherwise, you see this message telling you that we have a chat box, you just cant see it.

Sith to basic translator has been updated!

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A few years ago, Listos (known as Listarchos Devious in SWG) and his friend Shados created a Sith language for their roleplay characters. The language was amazingly complete. Lisandra created a automatic translator for the basic words from the list. That was created in 2009.

On January 2nd and 3rd, Listos and I updated the list of words. The list now includes the canon Sith words as well as some additional words. I hope you enjoy it.

Sith Auto-translator
Posted Jan 3, 13 · OP
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They put so much work and effort into this, since we were roleplaying together on Ahazi in SWG back in 2007ish. Over the years it's absolutely exciting and fantastic to see put into action.

Posted Jan 3, 13
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It's been good to have and use :sick:
Lettering done by Hirani'vida
Posted Jan 3, 13
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